25. Expecting Grace?

Grace Short Meditations: 25. Expecting Grace? 

Eph 2:7 “in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.” 

In yesterday’s study I sought to get us to think at a very basic level that, just to live on a daily basis, let alone go to work perhaps, we all exercise a whole variety of abilities that we didn’t have when we were aged two. We’ve grown, we’ve developed, we’ve matured and so we take it for granted that we can find our way round town, perhaps read maps, certain read articles or books with some understanding, watch TV documentaries and make sense of them, all things we take for granted but which are part of the package called ‘grace’ that God sends us in our lives.

Do you ever send away for stuff through the post?  It has been a common occupation during the Pandemic when it is easier to go online and purchase something instead of going into town and spending hours looking for it. But something I’ve found recently is that these days you can often track your purchase. (I am watching something coming from China!!!! The other week we watched on the tracker our purchase getting nearer and nearer across the district for half an hour. Amazing!)  But there is the anticipation of the thing arriving. We didn’t need to but it was fun tracking our item coming nearer and nearer, with the anticipation of, “Look they’re delivering in the next road, they’ll be here soon, and then comes the ring of the doorbell. It Has arrived! Anticipation!

Now I have a message from God for you. “I have a nice surprise for you that is coming.”  What????? That’s right, it’s coming from His ‘Jesus kindness’ warehouse. Jesus has paid for it and it will arrive just when you need it. Don’t worry there’s nothing to pay.  What is it? Oh, grace of course.  

Can we see grace like this perhaps? Our problem is that we fail to realize that God is more eager to give to us what we need than we are to ask. Do you know, I believe God delights in giving us the small things regularly when He knows that some of the big things need time and maybe even aren’t the right thing for us. We have to trust that He knows what to bring and when, as well as what NOT to bring. A silly small example. I don’t know if it is simply how He has made the body to work or whether it is Him specifically interacting with me – both are grace – but it is beyond coincidence the number of times I have woken in the morning looked at the clock and prayed, “Lord this is too early can you have me another half hour please?” and to the minute, thirty minutes later I wake up again. Whichever way you look at it – grace- and I am thankful.  Think little, think big. Be thankful.

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