10. Things coming together

‘Purposing Change’ Meditations: 10. Things coming together

Gen 24:14 By this I will know that you have shown kindness to my master.”

The story of Abraham’s servant going to look for a wife for his master’s son, Isaac, is essential reading if we are to learn how God works. Stage 1 – find out what God wants. For Abraham, a daughter-in-law NOT from Canaan. Stage 2 – start movement. Send a trusted servant to the land of the family where the answer might be.  Stage 3 – start watching for how things come together. This last stage is the important one for this moment; this is what this story is all about. 

When we have prepared, when we have embarked on our quest, watch how God will bring things together. If he is going to move in your unsaved target, or your wandering prodigal, be encouraged HE will be working, so just watch for it in the days to come.

So let’s see if the Lord can build some faith in us through the story of Abraham’s servant. Point 1 – he is there to serve his master and conform to his wishes. Jesus now calls us friends (Jn 15:15), not merely servants (though we are that as well). Point 2 – Abraham shares his will – the wife for his son mustn’t come from the pagans of Canaan, but from his own people, probably back at Haran where parts of the extended family live (24:3,4). He goes with the confidence that God goes with him (v.7). Point 3 – Now whether it was planned or just ‘an accident’ he arrives outside the town at a well in the evening when the local women went to draw water (v.11) Point 4 – his is making use of the local circumstances; we will be observing what goes on in our ‘local circumstances’.  i.e. being alert to what goes on around us.

Point 5 – he then prays for guidance, to pick on a local girl who will be the right one, the one God Has chosen for Isaac (v.14), and then – Point 6 – before he can finish praying, Rebekah arrives, a girl who is gracious and hospitable (v.19,20) and so now he watched her closely to learn whether or not the Lord had made his journey successful.” (v.21) She just ‘happens’ to be a relative of Abraham (v.24). And so the story goes on.

So what have we there: a servant heart, a godly heart, a man open to be guided, who prays for guidance, and who finds it all coming together as he prays. He is at the right place at the right moment, the person he is looking for happens to come at that moment and he quickly finds she is just what his master’s son would want AND she’s of the right family. It just seems tailor-made, we might say today. Now, note again, the thing about this is that although he puts himself into the right place where God’s guidance can come to fruition, he still doesn’t know how it will work out, but prays his way along each step and then just watches carefully as the Lord reveals His will.

The circumstances will be unique for each of us. Our family circumstances will be different but as we pray and watch, if we are careful and alert, the Lord will show us step by step how to move forward. No rush, no haste, just gentle trust in the Lord and reliance on His leading. When things out of the ordinary start occurring – good or bad – be alert, check it out with the Lord. When unexpected events start happening, be alert, and listen. Is this the Lord or simply events He will use? When our loved one starts making unusual comments or questions, be alert and listen. Is this the Lord prompting and how does he want you to respond? Watch for the way the Lord can bring things together. Yes?

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