29. Peace!

‘Last Supper Lessons’ Meditations: 29. Peace!

Jn 16:33a  “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.”

Time is running out. We are almost at the end of Jesus talking to the disciples. He is about to pray and then they will go out to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane and then it all starts. So as we near the end Jesus sums up why he has been speaking to them about these things. (I am very much aware that we have only skimmed some of the surface of this discourse and so would encourage you to go back to the beginning of chapter 13 and read it all again, seeing what in particular may stand out to you.)

He doesn’t do a summary as we might do when giving a talk. No, Jesus actually teaches in ways that some of the world’s teachers might suggest are quite unorthodox. He doesn’t do neat little three point sermons (which can be good and can help us remember the main points being shared) but seems to just speak naturally out of his heart in ways that spontaneously flow out. No, he doesn’t seem bothered about structure for there has been an ebb and flow of various subjects. It is almost as if he is content to leave it with the Holy Spirit who, he had said, would bring all things to remembrance – and John at least forty years on remembering it all, is a living proof that that works!

So, yet again Jesus expresses his desire for his disciples and that includes us – peace. They are about to go through tumultuous times, times that will test them to failure but before it all breaks loose, he wants them to be at peace.

So how does that peace come? It comes, John shows us, from being aware that Jesus is in complete control, he knows what the future holds, and he knows what we can handle, and even when we appear to break, he knows we will (with his help) cope and hang in there despite all that is happening. So that is that starting place. But it also comes by offloading all your anxieties to Him (Phil 4:6,7) and yet that is simply an act of submission to Him and recognition that He is in control. That’s what we said before – the Father and Son are totally in control and although they may not make everything happen that does happen (in this Fallen World things just ‘go wrong’) they ARE there working their ultimate goal into it all the time – your maturity as a child of God and your destiny as an occupant of heaven to be with them eternally. Awesome! Let the truth of that fill your understanding and be at peace because of it! Remember, first, declare his sovereignty in all things then, second, share with him those things that concern you and which threaten your peace. Then, be at peace. 

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