9. In Christ

‘Probing Deeper’ Meditations: 9. In Christ

Jn 15:7If you REMAIN IN ME and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

I don’t know what things you have ever felt part of. We can be ‘in’ something and yet not feel part of it. We can be in a family and yet somehow not ‘feel’ part of it, we can be in a club or a class or a church and yet, although we ‘participate’ we don’t really feel part of it. I wonder if that is how we sometimes feel about being part of ‘the body of Christ’. Yes, we know as believers we are members of ‘The Church’ but it is supposed to be something more than this. This being ‘in Christ’ means we are one with him, one with the Son of God himself, and thus with the whole Godhead.

Remain in me? Well we did touch in this in some measure yesterday but to really anchor it within us, we need to keep thinking about it. so yes, the New Testament speaks of me as being part of Jesus’ body (e.g. 1 Cor 12:27) and he is our head (Eph 4:15). But remain in him? What does that really mean for my daily experience?

Am I sensitive to him as my ‘head’? Can I learn to listen to him in a new way, that I catch his heart and flow with it? Can I perhaps pray for that at the beginning of the day and then jot down what I’ve heard by the end of the day? I’m sure that these sorts of things, these ‘words’ are sometimes for that day and sometimes to learn of the bigger picture of my life, and more often than not they start with his words of acceptance and approval of me, as amazing as that is. Can we each learn to hear such things – daily?

On Father’s Day this year – not some day I particularly celebrate usually – as I came downstairs in the morning I heard the Lord say to me, “This is Father’s Day and I am your Father.” It was simple but significant and as I sat in prayer I bathed in the wonder of being His son, and then of the wonder of my own human father’s love, who I am sure I never fully appreciated. Hold on, I sense you say, this is supposed to be all about abiding in Jesus? Yes, but that’s what happens when you are consciously abiding in him, you get the whole package, Father and Spirit as well, there is no differentiation.

I had come downstairs from a restless night’s sleep in need of a sense of peace and as I bathed in His presence and prayed and listened, I was conscious of a tremendous peace – Him. In Him we have all things, we are told, and sometimes when it happens just like that, we find we need ask for nothing because He is everything we need, but that sense only comes as we ‘abide in’ Him. It comes with our submission; it comes in silence and it brings anticipation and then provision. This is just one expression of ‘abiding in him’. 

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