24. Change!

‘Probing Deeper’ Meditations: 24. Change!

2 Cor 3:18 we all….  are being transformed into his image.”

Somebody fairly recently asked me, why is God always talking about change. It came a bit defensively and yet it came from a well established Christian. Even when we are ‘well established’ – with strong Christian upbringing, years of church background and so on – there can be an uncertainty, an insecurity that feels that God must be hostile if He is constantly wanting to change us. But nothing could be further from the truth, not that He doesn’t want to change us, but that He is hostile towards us. Yes, for some of us, particularly if we have had a harsh, even legalistic upbringing, can feel negative about fathers and consequently about God as our heaven ‘Father’. But this is the thing, He’s not like any earthly father, everything about Him is for us.

I’ve had a mantra for the last twenty-plus years: “God loves you exactly as you but He also loves you so much He wants to change you – because He has something better for you.” Please note the two halves here if you’ve never heard this before. First, He really does love you exactly as you are. He knows everything there is to know about you, and He still loves you. You know your young children are sometimes wilful, disobedient, childish, and yet you still love them. God sent Jesus to die for you BECAUSE you are like that, but He sent him to save you out of that into something better.

Consider an impatient person and a patient person. Who is the happier? Consider a stressed out person and a person at peace. Who is the happier? Consider someone who is constantly striving to be someone and the one who knows they are a precious child of a loving family. Who is the happier? Consider the girl who tries to get men to love her by giving herself to them, and the girl who comes from a stable background where she knows she is loved. Who is the happier?

Now you do the ‘maths’. Consider all the negatives you can think of and all the positives.   Who is the happier? That’s why Jesus wants YOU (and me!) to change because He wants us to be happier. It’s staggeringly simple isn’t it!  No brain surgeons needed here to understand that surely? But actually many of us have lived listening to the enemy’s lies for so long we struggle to believe it: God wants you to be happy, happier than all those struggling ‘to be’, struggling to achieve, struggling for a future. He’s given you everything you need for this new at-peace, fulfilled life, everything you need to be successful in becoming the person He sees you can be. The more we move towards that goal, the more we sense peace, achievement, fulfillment, the happier we will be.  OK, let’s pray – change me Lord, I want to be that happy person.

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