28. Thirsty?

Probing Deeper’ Meditations: 28. Thirsty?

Jn 7:37 Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.”

We continue to ponder on the question of the yearnings we have. Some people have yearnings for fame, some to be loved, some just to know peace. Those yearnings may be about identity, meaning or just simple survival. The reality is that all such yearnings are focused on us, on our personal needs. Imagine walking in a desert under the heat of the sun. The obvious ‘need’ is water to keep us alive, our yearning in such a situation we simply call ‘thirst’; it is a natural survival feature of being a human being.

In the world of the spirit, we may or may not be aware of our inner needs but Jesus referred to this when he stood up at a feast in Jerusalem and declared the words in out starter verse.

But what is the result of that drinking? rivers of living water will flow from within them.” By this he meant the Spirit.” (Jn 7:38,39) Do you see the order? Thirst – drink – flow. Do we thirst for the Spirit? When we draw near to Jesus do we receive from him and drink the Spirit and is the result that the Spirit flows FROM WITHIN us – to others?

Like Ezekiel’s River (Ezek 47) where we ‘flow’ do we bring ‘life’ and transformation. THIS is what should be happening through the church – the Spirit flowing out to the world round about and transforming it. If it isn’t, we’ve just found another reason to be yearning, aching, longing for more from the Lord, which is what this month has been all about.

Now we have to insert a word of caution here for only the other day I was speaking about this and a dear lady came and started talking about all the good works a group in the church were involved in. Now I have no problem with ‘good works’ for indeed I do believe they are part of our calling (see Mt 5:16) and are referred to as the light we shine into the world, but the trouble is that non-Christian atheists can do ‘good works’ and so what we are talking about is Spirit-motivated and Spirit-energized activity that has SPIRITUAL results – people being saved, people being delivered, people being healed, people being transformed in a whole variety of ways – but by Jesus!

Are you thirsty to see that sort of Spirit-life in the Church? Are you thirsty to see God glorified and honored and praised and worshiped as a result of Jesus’ activity in and through you and me? Am I seeing it in me? Largely no, a bit, yes. And I yearn for more, and I know it comes with the knowledge and presence of Jesus. Whatever sort of ‘meetings’ we have as church – main services, Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, specific evangelistic activities, general activities – can we pray that the power and presence of Jesus by his Spirit will be seen, yes seen, not just spoken about? Thirst for that life! 

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