31. He WILL Provide

‘Probing Deeper’ Meditations: 31: He WILL Provide

Mt 6:33b these things will be given to you as well.”

As we conclude this particular series, we reflect on the fact that we have been examining our attitudes, the things we give ourselves to, the things we consider important, our ‘treasures’ and concluded yesterday in wondering what we do that has long-term consequences. Actually it can be very simple: simply encouraging another person, bringing them a word or help that picks them up, may have long-term consequences. Obviously sharing the gospel with others can have eternal effects, as can teaching the word of God. Oh yes, there are lots of ways we can do this.

But there are also two other aspects to this to be considered. First, putting the kingdom first (6:33a), as we noted yesterday, is not a cause for pride but it is noted in heaven. Our motivation for considering these things is not to be ‘self’ but a desire to be obedient and bless God who delights in His children, especially when they are following His guidance and directions. In other words, the right ‘direction’ of these things is important.

But if attitudinal direction, if we may put it like that, comes first, then a simple trust in God must come a close second. So much of the time we give our efforts in life to providing for ourselves and our families – and that is right, as long as we get the order right. We do these things under the watchful eye of our Lord, and he is to be there in our thinking as much as we can at all times. We have a natural concern for ourselves and our families which we said is right but underpinning our lives we are called by Jesus to cultivate a trust in our loving heavenly Father who, Jesus says, will provide all these things when we get our priorities right.  Essentially Jesus taught us that God looks after His ‘kingdom-first’ children and provides for them and meets their needs. This is not the so-called prosperity gospel (for that puts us first) but it is an acknowledgement of Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides (Gen 22:14).

Settle it: make Him and His will your focus and leave the rest to Him, He will provide what we need, not necessarily what we want – except when it coincides with His perfect will. Years ago I once caught a vision of having a word processor, (when I had no money) sensing writing was what He wanted me to do, prayed for one and had one within months. But seeking Him and His will is what ‘godliness’ is about and such godliness brings contentment, said Paul (1 Tim 6:6) and added, it is all about “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom 14:17). This is what the kingdom or rule of Jesus brings. Hold tightly on to that in the uncertain days in which we live – and be blessed!

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