1. Transformed by Contemplating

Wonder of God Meditations 1: Transformed by Contemplating

2 Cor 3:18a we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed.”

The presence and glory of the Lord often appears in the scriptures. The glory is simply the incredibly bright light that the presence of God gives off in the material realm, revealing something of His awesomeness. It is one of the things that makes Him different from anything else in all His Creation. In other language it reveals His holiness, His utter difference from anything else, His perfection.

This month I want us to think on the glory of God and let that experience transform us. Paul spoke about us having unveiled faces. Unveiled faces? The verses refer to us contrasted with Moses who had to cover his face after he had been with God in the Tabernacle so his glowing face didn’t scare his people.

Now though, Jesus has removed, through the cross, any barrier between us and God so that we too can look Him full in the face, so to speak, and as we do we are changed (always for the better). One way we do that is in prayer, waiting on Him, another way is to ponder on the wonderful truths the Bible presents to us about God. It’s that latter way we’ll be doing here, hopefully!

When we first turn to Christ our peers encourage us to start reading the Bible regularly. I have pondered on this just recently and there are several reasons to do this. First, it is to reveal to us the wonder of our salvation, what Christ has done for us and why we are now as we are. Second, it is to start learning all that the Bible reveals about God and our faith. Third, that it will feed us spiritually so we will grow as Christians, learning about our faith and what God wants for us.

Now as we just said, as we pray and wait on the Lord, His very presence impacts and changes us, but so also does reading His word regularly. In both these exercises we are encountering the Lord and that encounter changes us. Sometimes we are aware of being taught, chastened, corrected, or being trained (2 Tim 3:16), sometimes we are strengthened, encouraged, and comforted (1 Cor 14:3) and all of these things change us. As I commented in a recent series, a friend asked why God always seems to be talking about changing us and the answer is because He has something better for us than we already are, hence Paul in our starter verse goes on about how God is “transforming us into his image” (v.18c) and it happens as we “contemplate the Lord’s glory” (v.18b). That is what I hope will happen in this series, we will contemplate the Lord’s wonder and as we do that it will impact us and change us. Join me in this.   

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