17. Not Logical!

Wonder of God Meditations 17: Not Logical!

2 Kings 5:10 Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh will be restored and you will be cleansed.”

Consider where we’ve been the last two studies and you realise that human beings like to work rationally, sensibly, logically even. We know bricks are hard, water is ‘soft’, you can’t see oxygen but it is there, and the same is true of gravity and electricity. All these things we’ve worked out! We know how the world works in some measure (until we move into the realm of quantum physics!) and we live our lives on this basis – I can’t walk through walls or fly!  

But now we come to the really humourous part of this story. Naaman is directed to go to Elisha and when he gets there Elisha’s servant (!!!) comes out with this instruction above: wash seven times in the nearby Jordan river.

Pardon??? Naaman is a pragmatist, a practical guy, a warrior. Washing in the Jordan will not get rid of leprosy, any fool knows that otherwise all the lepers in the land would be here! Whatever is the point of that? Are you trying to make me look a fool? (Perhaps humility is on the agenda!)

Sometimes God’s agenda is different from ours. How do you pull down a mighty fortified city like Jericho? March around it for seven days and then shout. You’ve got to be joking! How do you solve the human problem of sin? Hang a man on a cross. Not for sign-seeking Jews or wisdom-seeking Greeks (1 Cor 1:22) but if God says it is, you’d better believe it! What God says is right – even if YOU cannot understand it. Time to hang-up your pride in your intellect.

Perhaps this is God’s answer to what we’ve been considering in the previous two studies, where we saw the way the ‘world’ works, by ‘big’ people thinking they are big and working on the basis of human power and authority, or human strength and wisdom, and when these things seem to work we see another devastating effect or expression of sin in action – pride.

Pride relishes self-importance, pride is egotistical, pride can be expressed as arrogance, haughty superiority, disdainful of lesser beings, disrespectful of God and disdainful of His people.  Pride stops people worshipping, pride divides people from people. In other words, pride stops people doing what they were designed to do! So when God instructs march around city walls or wash seven times, we know these are not things that can bring physical change, but in that they make us reliant on the Lord, they pave the way for a miracle to follow – and it will. So if God guides you into humility, get ready, He may be preparing you for servanthood accompanied by a miracle!

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