18. God’s Currency

Wonder of God Meditations 18: God’s Currency

2 Kings 5:11 I thought that he would surely come out to me and stand and call on the name of the Lord his God.”

We have been pondering these last few days of the way the world (people) works differently from God and the kingdom and then yesterday how the Lord seeks to bring change to this by working humility into our lives.

In our verse today we find Naaman confessing what he had expected to happen when he turned up at Elisha’s house. The trouble is that we have all these presuppositions, these assumptions we’ve adopted in life, of how it should work, but so often as far as the kingdom of God is concerned it doesn’t. I have seen this come to awareness recently when watching online a Christian conference. Usually at these big events the worship band goes all out to carry the several thousand audience with them. This time it was prerecorded without an audience and the first night, at least, was remarkably beautiful as two band-sets simply worshiped God with no show – and we met God. So different from the emotion and drive that we’ve tolerated in the past. So we come ‘to church’ with all these presuppositions and so often we squeeze the Holy Spirit out with our preplanned packages. Tragic!

So Naaman comes with his assumptions; he comes expecting Elisha to exhibit all the power of God and demonstrate his authority, but that is not what happened. Naaman was angry, he wanted a show, he was important after all!  Isn’t that so much part of it so often. We expect our leaders, our worship people, to put on a good show because after all, hey, we turned up didn’t we! We’re the people of God, we’re worthy of something good from this lot out front. Well, we would never express it like that, but that’s the truth of it.

So Naaman wants a show. After all he’s an important person who talks to kings, leads armies, has victories, come on! No you’re not Naaman, you’re a helpless leper, you have no room to bargain.  When will we realize we are sinner with no room to bargain with God? There are only three things that act as currency with God – repentance, obedience and availability. We can try and be as impressive as we can with our good works and our clever services but nothing impresses God so much as humility – a recognition of reality as it impacts us. Without Him, I am nothing. Preachers, teachers, prophets, evangelists, or whoever are nothing without God’s anointing. They may appear impressive but actually, it’s all Him! How difficult it is to be a leader, a worship leader even, and not try to be impressive – because that is expected of us. No wonder the Spirit so often holds back. Can we seek the better way? 

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