28. The Wonder of God

Wonder of God Meditations 28: The Wonder of God

2 Chron 33:13 And when he prayed to him, the Lord was moved by his entreaty and listened to his plea; so he brought him back to Jerusalem and to his kingdom.”

We sometimes take these things for granted. Here we come to the gold nugget hidden in the murk of awful things. If it was you or me we might have said to Manasseh, “Stop going on, you brought this on yourself, live with it!” but the grace and mercy of God never does that. He sees the reality of Manasseh’s heart change and now He wants to give it space to bring bigger change for His people, He wants this changed heart back in Jerusalem to bring change to the nation. Mercy is given without cause but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be an outworking that blesses the world.

There are various aspects here of what I have been referring to in the title each day as ‘The Wonder of God’, and the first is that God ‘listened to his plea’. Grace listens to the plaintive pleas of foolish people as they now repent. As we suggested above, we might have responded differently, but the God of grace and mercy listens to such people – us.

The second thing is that the Lord looks at the situation with new eyes now. The discipline has been having its effect and Manasseh has been changing and so God changes. It’s not that God simply changes His mind and changes for no reason, but He does change His activity when the person changes. Every day with God is a new day and He acts according to what He finds in His children – just like parents do in fact, with their small children. There is an overall love there but it expresses itself in different ways, depending on how the child is acting.

But there is also another aspect to this, and it is the fact that God looks to give us the opportunity in a new day for a new way. We’ll see this work out in the next two studies but for the moment let’s just observe this principle. We have said so many times that the heart of the Lord desires to draw us out of the life of Sin into a life of love, for he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son,” (Col 1:13) and He wants us to experience all the goodness and wonder of that new kingdom. ‘Today’ is a new opportunity for new experiences, new awareness, new understanding, and the Lord is looking every day to give us opportunity to enter into this newness. He has just been waiting for Manasseh’s heart to change – and He knew that was possible – and so now the way is open for a whole new ball game to begin.  And that is how it can be with you and me, every day becoming a new opportunity to enter into and experience change, newness of life, as we walker closer with our Lord who seeks only our blessing and that of His world.

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