2. Look!

“New Days”  Meditations 2: Look!

Isa 43:19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

I suspect that for most of us, life goes by, day by day, and although things happen out of the ordinary, most of the time we wake up in the morning with a feeling, “Oh, another day,” not, “Oh wow, how wonderful, a new day, a day full of possibilities of new experiences, new things taking place, coming to new awareness, doing new things.” We’re probably so often just taken up with the mundane aspects of life – which rarely change – getting up in the morning, making breakfast, getting the kids off to school, perhaps getting ourselves off to work, that we’re too busy to think big thoughts about new things, potential of the day etc. So let me help you.

“Do you not perceive it?” If God is at work in His world – and He says He is – are my eyes scanning the horizon to catch sight of His coming, in whatever form that will take? Or will it appear like little shoots in the world immediately around me, like those that appear suddenly in the Spring after we have sown seeds, shoots we expect to come?

If He says He is doing a new thing (and many have heard this word recently) are we living with a sense of expectation that leads us to pray daily, “Lord, please open my eyes so that even this day I may catch sight of even the little things you start doing today”?

Perhaps one of our problems is that it is difficult to envisage what such changes might be. There has been much talk about the Lord coming in Revival or Renewal where we anticipate His sovereign moving. After all, He has moved like that before; history shows us that. But the word ‘new’ can be applied in a variety of ways. It can simply mean He starts doing something He wasn’t doing yesterday. Revivals seem to start like that.

Or it may mean He starts doing something completely different that we have never seen Him do before. The so-called Toronto Blessing was like that at the back end of the twentieth century with its laughter and power outages so people got drunk or just fell over. Such things challenge our intellect as we try to make sense of it but by the end, when there is a restored people of God, you just have to accept He did something we didn’t anticipate or foresee – just like the recent Pandemic which appeared with little warning (a few lone voices round the world, in the years beforehand, did say it would happen). Such reflections suggest a) we need to have our eyes scanning the horizon and b) we need to have an open mind to distinguish between strange works of God and works of the enemy. Do you perceive it?  

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