9. A New Companion

“New Days” Meditations 9: A New Companion

Gen 2:8 the Lord God made a woman …. and he brought her to the man”

Again and again, I want to challenge ‘familiarity’ because it robs us of wonder and we stop marveling over the life we have. We might get on to the big issues of justification, sanctification etc., etc., the big religious or spiritual definitions sometime, but I want us here to focus on much more obvious, daily issues that we take for granted. I want to take us on from pondering on the newness Adam felt when God first ‘woke him up’ to when he wakes up one day and finds he is not alone – well, he wasn’t before, there were the animals in the Garden, but you know what I mean.  He wakes up and there is Eve.

The new arrival of Eve raises even more questions. We’ll have to wait to we get to heaven to get the details of how she arrived on the scene but we are told why – Adam wasn’t up to the job on his own. Since the Fall, sadly, we have suffered the ‘battle of the sexes’ but if only we could see the wonder of the man needing a helper and the women complementing him, a total team reigning together over the created world, as instructed (Gen 1:26,27), wouldn’t life be different.

I must protect & care for my woman, she is precious. I must protect and care for my man, he is precious. “Dear Lord, help us to see past the caricatures of modern-day gender & sex, to see the wonder of your complementary (balancing) design.” 

One of the biggest modern-day battle grounds has been over the issue of gender where, in some quarters at least, total chaos reigns. Why? I believe it is because the enemy has sown lies about identity. It is so prevalent that I know family, friends, and indeed those of the extended family where teens and twenties have been living in the confusion of not knowing who they are. Very often the deception comes from basing everything on ‘feelings’. It comes as “I feel this,” or “I don’t feel that,” and we make feelings the arbiter of truth.

This is not to demean anyone because we ALL suffer from some measure of dysfunction or other, it’s what Sin is all about, being out of kilter with who we were designed by God to be. If you lived five hundred years ago, you would be too busy surviving to be concerned about, “Who am I?” No, today, we have time and space and technology and so we think lots of things, listen to lots of deceived or hurting or confused people, and become confused ourselves.  We are suffering from being a self-centred, godless society that is ripe for the picking by the enemy (see 1 Jn 5:19). We will need to think some more on this, but in a large measure these things prevail because the Church is largely silent. It’s a new day. Time to change that! 

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