10. New Creations

“New Days” Meditations 10: New Creations

2 Cor 5:17 if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

We have in the last two days wondered what it must have been like for Adam waking to a new world and then waking to a new person. Perfect people in a perfect world with a perfect God, but then some snake in the grass started whispering lies to the woman and both man and woman gave way to self-centred godlessness – Sin. Before that we have considered the need for a ‘new birth’ to enter in and experience the wonder of the rule of God, His kingdom.

Memory blunts wonder, that is why we need to see other people turning to Christ, to remind us of the wonder of this thing called ‘the new birth’ that we considered.. One version calls it a ‘rebirth’ i.e. a second birth, something completely new. With the passing of time and experiencing many things, it is easy to lose sight of those early days.

Can you think back to that time when you surrendered to God and received Jesus as Lord & Saviour, friend & companion, challenger and encourager? Unless we see it happening in others now, unless we can remind ourselves of what happened to us, we will be blasé of the whole thing and that laid back approach, cousin of complacency and indifference, will mean inaction, lack of life and a steady deterioration of spiritual life.

Dare we pray, “Lord please give me the joy of leading someone to yourself and remind me of the wonder of the things I experienced at the beginning.”

But we’ve also been mentioning ‘identity’ and that is an area where confusion reigns in all areas. In the UK recently it was the awareness of a way of thinking that forced itself on public awareness when a young man went on a shooting spree and, according to the newspaper reports, described himself as an ‘inkle’ (an involuntary celibate) and set out his hopes of “making up” for missing out on a sex life as a teenager.”

This brought to the fore a whole confused subculture of “young men who believe they are unworthy of love and that attempts to form lasting relationships with women are destined to end in failure,” young men who are women-hating and that results in violence. I refer to these things simply because they are the most recent of a long line of confused thinking that is dysfunctional and disconnected because it is out of touch with God – and we have been silent and not been there for this oft-sick society around us, that has never received God’s ‘newness of life’.  One of the problems is that these things spill over into unconnected lives, innocent people die and, as the virus of confusion spreads, no one is safe.

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