21. Believe it!

“New Days” Meditations 21: Believe it!

Lam 3:22,23 his compassions never fail. They are new every morning.”

I was about to move on from this verse today but there is someone who especially needs to hear this. I suggested yesterday listening to “One Thing Remains”. Well the refrain continues, “Because on and on and on it goes.” I believe there is someone who will read this who feels they are out of resources – despite the last two day’s readings. NO! God is here for you RIGHT NOW, and He has a new delivery of grace for you right now, grace will go on and on and on and will not run out. It doesn’t matter what has caused this feeling, HIS stickability love (compassions) are NEW for you this moment, now. Pause and receive it.

Now there may be four things that prevent this truth dropping deep into your heart to bring the change you need: i) Satan, ii) your present feelings, iii) past happenings, iv) modern culture.

i) Satan: the enemy whispers lies into our minds, such as ‘You aren’t worthy of God’s love.” Well, actually Jesus dying for YOU proves otherwise. God thinks you are.

ii) Present Feelings: these can be the greatest hindrance to being able to say, “I know I am loved,” but feelings have a variety of origins and need to be checked against the reality of God’s revealed word.

iii) Past Happenings: we’ve talked about resolving past issues in studies 12 & 13 and if we let past hurts or failures determine what we feel today, rather than rely on God’s word, then we make ourselves vulnerable.

iv) Modern Culture: We need to distinguish between the kingdom of God where truth and the revealed will of God prevails and ‘the world’ where thinking has no fixed anchors. Because of the breaking free from fixed anchors, there is much confusion in the western world today that tends to focus on identity and identity is increasingly assessed by feelings which, we’ve already noted, are frequently fluid.  

Young people are particularly vulnerable in this area as the teenage years are the years of greatest physical and emotional change and in the absence of wise and tested role models, can bring about massive areas of hurt and confusion. There are an increasing number of reported cases of those who entered gender-transition (with unwise medical help) who, in their twenties are saying it was a major mistake and are seeking to retransition. Such is the confused world of the West of the twenty-first century.   The truth is that whatever you are feeling God does love you, is for you and is here for you now. Only He knows the truth about you and as someone wisely wrote recently, what is most important is not what we think about ourselves, but what God thinks about us. Whatever direction you are going in, He loves YOU and is for YOU

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