22. A Mind Check-up

“New Days”  Meditations 22: A Mind Check-up

Rom 12:2“be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

This seems the obvious follow on from where we were yesterday. Perhaps we need to start here by considering the mixed up ways our ‘minds’ or our thinking, or the way we see ourselves, God or life, work. I’m not sure when I was younger that I thought much about what I was thinking, I was too busy living the life, but as I have aged I realize that what we think, why we think as we do, and how we think, are important issues.  

Of course, if we have never become a Christian all our thinking will be self-centred. Being self-centred also means we will be defensive about ourselves, uncertain about ourselves and struggling to make sense of life. When we come to Christ we realize that all our self-efforts were going nowhere and, if we could be really honest, we were making a mess of life.

Now we can only see that and feel that when the Holy Spirit is at work in a twofold way – He convicts us of our shortcomings on one hand, and He reveals God’s love for us on the other, and the latter often brings the security to face the former. But it’s all about thinking, what goes on in our mind which needs renewing.

Again, once we come to Christ we start on a new path where we learn to think differently about ourselves and about God and we learn that we don’t have to earn God’s love and approval, Christ has earned it for us on the Cross. Now this is a whole new way of thinking. As we grow in Christ we start to learn and realise there is a whole new spiritual world out there that we hadn’t been aware of and there is a battle going on for our mind.

Several versions of our present starter verse say, “let God change you inside with a NEW way of thinking.” We need to have NEW thinking. If we have let the enemy whisper his lies into our soul – “You’re a nobody, you’re a failure, you can’t do anything,” as we suggested in the previous study, we need to get rid of that thinking and replace it with NEW positive truths of the Bible – I am a child of God, I am much loved, I can do all things through Christ, I may sometimes feel weak, sometimes feel a failure, but HE is making me new and working all things together for my good. Hallelujah! Declare it three times a day! Do you see this? There is a battle going on for your mind, over what you will think about yourself. I don’t know if you have ever realized this but when you, by faith, declare the truth, the indwelling Holy Spirit witnesses to that truth, affirming it, and so as you declare it, He will strengthen that belief within you, confirm this is the truth and it applies to you and is for you, and as He does that, we change.

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