25. Possible ‘Seeds’?

“New Days” Meditations 25: Possible ‘Seeds’?

Mt 13:8 other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop.”

We suggested yesterday that you and I are the good soil and we can ‘sow’ seeds that will bring a NEW harvest. We dwelt on the condition of the soil and observed conditions that inhibit newness and growth, and so now we are going to meditation on the ‘seed’.

The first characteristic of these ‘seeds’ that are the word of God planted in the good soil of our lives, has to be faith which, in this context, means a commitment to responding positively to whatever you sense God saying, whether it be here, listening to preaching, or whatever.  You would like to see change? You want to prepare for whatever God might be coming to do? Start sowing this seed in your life and get ready for a new crop. Faith, remember, is hearing God’s word and responding to it (Rom 10:17). Obedience, we suggested yesterday, is a key ingredient in faith.

So, how we purposefully express faith, what are some other aspects of these ‘seeds’?  What things can we establish in our lives that are responses to the word of God and enable us to be more available to the Holy Spirit for Him to speak to us? Here are some simple suggestions and, remember, these are just things that we can do to open ourselves more to the Lord so that we perhaps can more fully catch what He is saying and sense His movements as He comes with a new thing.

First – and you may already do this – how about setting aside five new minutes every other day just to listen to God. This means be quiet, stilling our spirit and purposefully making ourselves available to Him alone, so we can catch that still small voice in our spirit.

Second, how about setting aside five new minutes every day or every other day to meditate on just one verse of Scripture so that the Spirit can hone your spiritual sensitivity to the revealed will of God which, in turn, will enable you to become more sensitive when He comes to share His ‘now word’.

Third, how about looking for a regular opportunity to encourage someone else, either by telling of how Jesus has blessed you, or simply building them up. In making ourselves available to the Spirit on the front-line in this way, we will find a new sensitivity to Him and to people around us which may, in turn, enable us to become more sensitive to His quiet and gradual working in the world around us.  

Finally, how about setting aside five new minutes every day or every other day to pray for one specific not-yet-believer. As you do this you may find Him giving you a new awareness of them and what is happening in them, perhaps something new He may be doing in them. Seeds sown in and through you. Watch for the new harvest. 

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