2. Who is God?

“Cutting to the Chase” Meditations 2: Who is God?

Acts 9:5“Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked.”

I suspect the biggest question we take for granted and perhaps never think about is who is God? It is a question that comes up in various forms in Scripture. “Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey him and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord.” (Ex 5:2) When Moses turned up in Egypt talking about the Lord, all Pharaoh could think about were the myriad gods of his land, a god for everything, and the thought that there might be One Supreme Being challenged his pride.

Saul on the road to Damascus was challenged and asked our starter question today. A strange question when you are being blinded by a bright light from heaven, and yet a question Paul testified to twice more (Acts 22:8, 26:15). Who was this voice from heaven, surely God but not God as Saul had known Him, the Holy One far off?

Suddenly He was there in his face, so to speak, yet Saul didn’t expect God to speak like this and when the voice replied, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” that was upsetting. First because this voice has to be God, second, God is saying that he, Saul, has been against him and, third, God is saying He is Jesus. Oooops! I wonder if our views of God are accurate?  

I am convinced that this is far more than a mere academic question for theologians. This is about the living God, the God who is real and who is there. I have testified elsewhere of an occasion many years ago on a university campus when I had been talking for a long time about Jesus to a young student. Despite all the explanations, she just couldn’t get it. Eventually – I must have been inspired by the Lord – I said to her, “Would you like to conduct an experiment. Humour me for a minute and pretend there is a God. Close your eyes, I will pray for a moment and then I want you to pretend He is real and talk to Him, saying whatever comes to mind.” She rather begrudgingly agreed and so we closed our eyes, I prayed a few words and then there was silence. Then came just one word, “God….” and then it went quiet again, only broken by the sound of sobbing. I opened my eyes and found her looking at me with tears running down her face. “He…. He’s real, He IS here!” Sometimes we need experience to bypass our stubborn intellect. I watch many leaders from the front of church praying. The say, “Let’s pray,” and instantly launch into a formula of words. There is no sense that God is there and that they are actually talking to the living God, the Almighty, Holy One. There is no sense of the holy, just performance. It’s time we stopped performing and pretending and realized that God exists, He really does, and He is here! Once we grasp this, we might start changing how we ‘do’ church and God might turn up!  

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