10. Identity yet again

“Cutting to the Chase” Meditations 10:  Identity yet again

Jer 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”

We have to take a step back to put the last two Meditations together – known by God because we were called by God before being conceived. We will go on to consider a practical outworking of that in the next study but for the moment I want to stay with the picture that God gives to Jeremiah, of the womb and even before it, as far as our existence is concerned. We reminded ourselves that God ‘knew’ us when He looked into the future before the Creation but I have what I hope may be a prophetic picture for you which impacts on our identity.

Imagine you are back at the embryo stage of your life, and just suppose you could communicate with God and He says to you, “Can you guess who you’re going to be?” “Oh yes,” you reply with some divine insight, “a son/daughter, a husband/wife, a mother/father, a teacher/business person/soldier/bricklayer/driver etc. etc.” You sense the smile from heaven, “Yes, all that is correct but remember, over and above all those things, the most important thing is that you are my child and I see the destiny for you that together we will work at.” Does that add a perspective to your identity? Now there are three things that naturally spring out of the paragraph above (sorry not meant to be a three-point sermon, but three things naturally flow – and we may have to expand on them into the next study.)

The first is that, with the perspective we have of the world, we see, as we grow up, how the world works as far as people are concerned and so we expect our lives to fit into one of those slots of the things my picture had you suggesting from the wide spectrum of things that could be and are for many people. Perhaps as a child you heard people say things or read things that set you thinking about your future in a particular way.

For instance, I remember (I don’t know why) writing an essay at school when I was nine, when we had been asked to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I wrote that I wanted to be someone who was equally at home in the city as well as in the countryside. A strange idea you may think. Well, for quite a number of years when I grew up I worked in the City of London (the ‘Square Mile’) and, because of the nature of my job as a Surveyor for a large firm, travelled around London and got to know it intimately and was much at home in it and lived there for a number of years. But then, when I married, we lived in the country (I was a commuter) and have enjoyed the countryside also for many years which, I hope, brings a balanced perspective. Was God in that? We’ll see tomorrow. The thing is that, as we look back on our lives, much of the time we cannot see the hidden hand of God, but it IS there and was there for you. Trust in that and be at peace

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