15. Blessing?

“Cutting to the Chase” Meditations 15: Blessing?

Gen 12:2 I will bless you …..  and you will be a blessing.”

It feels like I am picking up what may seem random pebbles to build up the foundations of our faith but, to skew the analogy, it was only pebbles that David used to slay the giant hanging over him, Goliath. I did not start this series with a clear sense of structure, merely that we should look at key issues that came to mind when it comes to God and our faith. We have in the past recent studies used the word ‘identity’ numerous times but part of identity is about who we ARE and then what we are capable of becoming or doing. Yesterday we pondered on being content in who we are and that is the passive side of this, the who we are bit, if you like, but I now want to turn to the positive, active side.

The Lord has impressed on me something of the wonder of His words to Abram at the beginning, words that now equally apply to us.  Now watch this!  Stop and think about who you are as a believer. Like Abram, you were called (see Eph 1 as we’ve considered recently) and like Abram you have a twofold purpose in life: first to RECEIVE the blessing (decree for good) of God and second, to be a blessing to the world around you. Whatever else you are – and there may be many things you could identify, these two things, the New Testament teaches, are true of you and me. So let’s examine them a bit more.

First our need to receive God’s blessing. Well the truth is that ‘in Christ’ we have that blessing, that decree of goodness already; we had it the moment we turned to Christ. As the Amplified Bible puts it, “For as many as are the promises of God, in Christ they are [all answered] “Yes.” (2 Cor 1:20) i.e. every promise of blessing you can find in the Bible aimed in our direction IS fulfilled in us in Christ, it’s ours to appropriate (believe and go on to experience) now. God wants good for you in every aspect of your life whether it be relational, educational, financial, emotional or whatever! And it’s available for the taking! Second, to be a blessing to the world round about us.

The years 2020/21 were years of limitations with churches being shut and so on, and in many that left a worn down feeling from the struggle to cope with lockdowns and all the other strange things imposed on us. In that sort of environment, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are still called to be a blessing to one another and to those around us. That has not always been easy and still is not always easy. A friend replied to a blog I write elsewhere each day and said, “Sadly some people won’t, or can’t, and eventually you give up trying to help,” to which I replied, “We must never give up on them.”  Whatever opportunities or doors God opens before us, patience, perseverance, grace, and faith may need to accompany us, but let’s not give up.

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