30. A New Longing

“Cutting to the Chase” Meditations 30: A New Longing

Heb 11:16a “Instead, they were longing for a better country”

Yesterday we said don’t be content with your present ‘country’ but you’ll only do that when you realize the imperfections of the present one. Ask the Lord to show you them and then pray and work for ‘a better country’.

I have touched on this previously, but it is very easy to grow comfortable with the present world and, yes, we did say we are to enjoy the earth and be thankful to God for it (Rom 1:20,21) but we may have come to take for granted the bad aspects of modern Western society.

It is not being negative but realistic to face these things and when we really allow them to catch our hearts they will inspire us to pray. Did you know, for example, that the greatest cause of death in the under thirties is suicide? Have you caught anything of the angst of many young people who have never grown up with a good, safe, biological father? Have you picked up on the culture wars that are raging in our modern societies that feed on division, feed on identity loss and bitterness, and so on?

There is possibly more under-the-surface pain, worry, anxiety, bitterness, hostility, resentment, and antagonism in our societies in the West than ever before, partly fermented by social AND mainline media and partly because we have become godless societies with Christians in the minority, and all restraints are being cast off. If for no other reason these are the causes we should be looking for another ‘country’, I don’t know what is. 

It may be that we feel powerless. Church leaders often don’t lead the way, don’t preach and teach on these subjects, showing us the awfulness of these things but the wonderful alternative possibilities when the church stands out like a beacon in this dark work. We need individually to stand strong before the Lord, informed, equipped, and energized to be salt and light to those around us. But we shouldn’t just focus on the here and now. The country these saints were looking for was in eternity but the kingdom of God is here with Jesus (Mk 1:15). The perfect will come the other side of death but that should not stop us praying and working NOW to create something better here today.

If you have garden (back yard) make it a little example of ‘a better country’. If you have unsaved family or friends or businesses, pray and work that they too may receive the new inheritance in a better country! Long for these things, pray for these things, work for these things, let them grab your heart and fuel your desire to knock on the doors of heaven until the Lord comes in either revival or renewal. The Lord Himself is clearly dissatisfied with the present regime otherwise He would not consider a new heaven and new earth necessary (Rev 21:1) to His future plans. Let’s agree with Him.

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