29. Harmonising with God

‘Life Workings’ Meditations No.29: Harmonising with God

Isa 28:24 “When a farmer ploughs for planting, does he plough continually?” 

This series has been about various aspects of how life works. Back in Study No.25 I briefly mentioned this fact of having to work within the way the world works and before we come to the end, we need to anchor that thought a little more for it is an important one.

We started out this series with what many might have thought was almost too obvious to think about – that this world is the end product of God’s creative work, but within that there is something vitally important.  But, yes, like that which went before it, has to be accepted by faith, but IS critically important – that this world is designed by God to work in a particular way and we ignore that at our peril, not because it will upset God but because our lives simply won’t ‘work’ properly and they will break down or go wrong.

Isa 28:24-29 is a delightful picture of orderliness in the life of a farmer, that includes, “His God instructs him and teaches him the right way.” (v.26) and ends, “All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent.” i.e. that’s how God has wonderfully designed this amazing world to work. The wise pay attention to these things, the foolish think they can live exactly how they like, but unfortunately that is often contrary to The Design and causes only harm and hurt and destruction. Let’s be learners and be wise.

There are some very obvious examples. The one I use most because it is so obvious, is that if you eat too much you become obese and obesity carries with it a whole raft of health problems, some of which are life-threatening. The same is true of excessive use of alcohol and drugs generally.

It is equally true of what we might call promiscuous sex. In this latter point, the Bible records, “a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Gen 2:24) Notice the singular in identity and meaning. Polygamy occurred in the Old Testament but wherever it did, it caused problems. One man plus one woman was God’s equation for success in continuing the human race. We are seeing this ignored in a variety of ways and the enemy has been going to great lengths to muddy the waters and the distinctives of God’s design. Disregarding God AND His design reaps so much hurt and pain and confusion. As an old song used to go, “Oh when will they ever learn?” Sadly, as the enemy has been working to take down the walls of distinction between believer and unbelievers, these things are even seen in the church. The answer is that we return to being ‘believers’, not merely in word but in action.

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