2. The Greatest Show

The Great Production Meditations No.2: The Greatest Show

Mt 1:1 This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham”

So it’s Advent again, Christmas is coming and we’ve probably been told how many shopping days there are to Christmas, as if that was the all-important thing – which of course it is for many – sadly. But I’ve invited you to put aside the shopping worries for a moment and come to the ‘theatre’ with me to watch the world’s greatest show, no, not ‘The Greatest Showman’ about P.T.Barnum played by Hugh Jackman with its amazing music and dance routines, no, this ‘play’ has a lot less razzmatazz, a lot less impressive display and exciting action. This ‘play’ is going to appear very low key, at least to begin with, but sit tight it’s going to get challenging. That’s what the real ‘Nativity’ does. It doesn’t do the warm fuzzy stuff of the Christmas films each year, but it presents us with the reality of God coming among us in scary ways. 

So the curtain smoothly slides back and anticipation rises as we wait to see what comes. In our production, we said yesterday, it starts with the declaration of our starter verse. We are about to witness history being rolled out, origins explained, back-history presented before we get to the scary parts.

The ‘play’ is still being rolled out because the important thing about it, is that it is founded in ongoing history. That’s why the Bible is so important; it takes us back in history to show us that, not only was it true of the Nativity, but it’s also true today, what we are today is because of what has gone on in the past. So we need to be regular readers of both Old and New Testaments because both are vital to understand the story. But it may have been a play, a story, that had its beginning far in the past, but it continues today as the Holy Spirit directs each ‘family-member-player’ who has stepped up onto God’s stage, you and me.

I wonder if you have ever considered ‘life’ like that? We are players with a part to play, except the major difference between life and a stage production is that the part YOU play is to be the real you. The trouble is that many of us don’t know who the real ‘me’ is, hence we get conned by other people’s idea of what we ‘should’ be. So we ‘go to church’ or ‘go to school’ or ‘join a club’ all of which impose expectations of who and what we ought to be, not who God has made me to be? 

Oh yes, in a previous series recently we considered the factors that go to making us who we are – genes, upbringing, the local culture and family history, but also God intervening oh so quietly to help us become the people only He can see we can become; that’s the real me. So the real Son of God is going to come from heaven but disguised in human form, and heralded by history – David, Abraham etc. Watch.

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