4. The Beginning

The Great Production Meditations No.4: The Beginning

Lk 3:23-38 He was the son…. of Adam, the son of God”. 

In the dark, as we have sat in anticipation the voice had come, This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham.”  Now there is a slight pause and then we hear,He was the son…. of Adam, the son of God,” and those of us who know our Bibles think, “That’s not Matthew,” and we realise the announcer has changed to that other genealogy in Luke.

Luke requires us to go right back to the very beginning to make the point that the family tree of Jesus is ‘human’ which, yes, is all about relationships. It’s a strange thing, that, that we so much take for granted, that we are not alone on this planet, there are billions of others and we are made for relationships, but how they often go wrong when they cross boundaries or just argue about boundaries.  

How we are sometimes like a bunch of little children arguing over ‘what is mine’. And yet, even when we are forced to work together, whether it be over vaccinating against a pandemic or taking steps to curb an environment running out of control, we still squabble, we still exhibit self-concern. We may come together to talk about the environment but the moment we talk about bringing change to reduce carbon, to reduce air pollution, suddenly self-concerns pop up all over the place, recently from those countries who hear talk of reducing their oil or coal or beef! Suddenly the talk becomes very defensive and we, as a human race don’t show up very well.

The setting of the ‘play’ that is about to unfold is the human race and how it finds itself, not an accident, but the creation of God for the purpose of creating ‘children of God’ (Jn 1:12,13) who will one day live with Him in eternity. But a lot has to happen before we get there. It is a play with many Acts (and scenes within the Acts) and many players and, as it is still being played out, we find that it is now our time to be on the stage. Step forth and speak to the world your script.

Yes, that is the truth, that we are indeed each a player who has a part in this ongoing ‘play’, a part that can impact the rest of it. As a recent speaker at a TED Conference declared, we may make lots of excuses or reasons why it is all too big for me to change it, but we can change what is on the inside, how we think and then, subsequently, how we can affect the little area around us that is ‘my life’. Jesus sought to focus us on his Father, because everything flows from this foundational relationship, we will be what we will be depending on how we relate to God the Father. If we draw close, we will catch His heart and flow with it. If we hold Him at a distance, we will feel we are lords of our little worlds and stray from His plan. May that not be.

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