5. The Setting

The Great Production Meditations No.5: The Setting

Gen 2:15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

We have been having our attention focused on the back-story, first to Abraham and David (who appears significantly later) but then right back to Adam to focus on humanity. Jesus has ties to David and Abraham but also wants us to observe his humanity, for he came in the same form with the same experiences as us.

The background (or Prologue) to the Abraham story started in Eden and it is important to see this background. It’s a good background, a wonderful background of a beautiful place, a beautiful existence – with a purpose – to look after what God had given them, perhaps an original blueprint of what we will find in heaven in eternity, the new heaven and the new earth. It was both God’s starting point and God’s end-game for us. It’s the memory and the hope, it’s what the play is all about. Hold on to that memory and that hope, as you play your part today.

So for a moment as two figures appear on stage with a backdrop of a beautiful tropical landscape, let’s look over our shoulders, so to speak, to anchor the past that reveals something of what will yet come in the future. Personally, I find that when I go back to the first three chapters of Genesis, I find my focus being on chapter 3 and the Fall, but when we do that, we can miss the wonder of what is there and what God feels about us.

It is a perfect environment that He provides and at some time in history the Lord acts so that there are two figures, male and female, who are there in that location in Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization, relating to Him. Do you see the three significant things mentioned there? First, God acts so this comes about. Whether modern historians have got it right or wrong will be shown one day but the world has come into being in stages (Gen 1) by the purposeful direction of God. It is not an accident, and it didn’t come about by physical, chemical, or atomic forces alone from inert ‘matter’ that a) cannot come from absolutely nothing and b) cannot start changing on its own. Second, they are male & female – something evolutionists make leaps of faith over but which is impossible without God, and they are made to complement one another. Third, they are in a beautiful environment. There may be more hostile environments in the world, but theirs is perfect. Everything about this speaks of a caring God, a God who is love and who has worked to give us everything we need to enjoy one another, enjoy this world, and enjoy Him. That was the plan in the loving heart of God;, that is the starting point behind the Nativity accounts, perfection! If only there hadn’t been free will! 

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