22. Comfort for the Aging

‘Comfort’ Meditations No.22: Comfort for the Aging

Psa 92:14 “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.”

We finished the previous study considering the struggles that the apostle Paul encountered in his apostolic travels, and if they weren’t bad enough, in his personal relationship with the Lord through which He had granted him such amazing revelations, he also suffered personal struggles of a physical or spiritual nature that had him crying out to the Lord again and again for help. Now such a ministry and such revelations are not the experience of most of us and so these sorts of things are not the sort of things we have to contend with.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t contend in our own personal spheres with particular things that suggest we really do need the Lord’s comfort. We’re going to consider in the next few days, specific people groups who are prone to difficulties where we need comforting. Different groups need different forms of comfort.  I’m going to start with the elderly. The elderly can take comfort in the promises of our starter Scripture from above. “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.” I think this is a beautiful verse because I believe it addresses the two greatest problems that elderly Christian’s face.

Consider first: “they will still bear fruit.” We have gone through life and achieved much. Maybe we’ve been involved in Christian ministry, maybe involved in some charitable or business concern. We’ve risen up the ranks into a leading role and then as age creeps on we are conscious of creaking a bit more than we used to, and of younger people galloping alongside, seeking to prove their worth and gradually the pressure is put on us to ‘retire’. Whether you like it or not there are others who are thinking (if not saying it), “It’s time to move over old timer!” I want to suggest that all that is happening is that your role in life will be changing and your years of wisdom, grace and experience need channelling into some other way of blessing others. You are not a write-off, you are not past it, you still have a place in the economy of the kingdom. I often pray, “Lord please use me every day of every year you will yet give me.”

Our ways of service may change, partly as physical resources decline, partly perhaps as other (younger) people perceive us, but God can still be glorified by your life seen on earth or watched over in the heavenlies. Read Eph 3:10. This is the angels with their mouths open as they perceive the grace of God flowing in us. Be comforted in this! Yes? Yes!!!! Part two: they will stay fresh and green. That may or may not apply to your physical self, but may I suggest that you receive that verse in your spirit and let His life flow in and through you to others and to Him. Let Him energize you in the spirit to continue to be a ‘life’ bringer. Amen

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