25. A Word for Failures

‘Comfort’ Meditations No.25: A Word for Failures

Ex 3:10“So now, go. I am sending you.”

To maintain our context we remind ourselves that we are looking at people groups who are vulnerable and need comforting. We’re moving from age-distinction groups to a much wider grouping which at some time or other will have included ALL of us – the group of failures. Now if you say you’ve never got it wrong it is possible that you a) don’t know yourself or b) have a short memory or c) feel sufficiently insecure in your Christian life that you dare not face the fact of getting life wrong, or d) you have pushed the failure into your subconscious because you feel it was so bad you can’t live with the memory of it, or e) you’ve just shrugged it off and purposely forgotten it because, “We all get it wrong don’t we, so why bother to bring it up again and again?”

The only thing about any of these positions is that deep down we have unresolved issues that have never been dealt with in the right way – which involves acknowledgement, confession and receiving God’s forgiveness and cleansing (1 Jn 1:9). Wherever we have been unable to face our failure (sin) we have stopped God taking us on, restoring, re-envisioning and re-sending us in His purposes. Such failures in respect of dealing with failures acts as a brake on our lives.

Our starter verse takes us back to the conversation between the Lord and Moses at the burning bush on Mount Sinai. These words were spoken to one of the world’s leading failures – Moses. Having messed up his life he saw himself, as this conversation shows, as a nobody, a failure, comfortable only in the presence of his sheep. And God chooses him. And what years follow!

There are numbers of us who prefer not to look back because if we do we see failure and that is painful, but one of the most amazing studies I have ever done looked into ‘redemption’ and I saw there that God is ALWAYS looking to redeem His fallen children, even those who no longer feel they are His child. If this is you, He’s gently reaching out to redeem and restore. Let Him take your hand. There are good days ahead He wants to bring you. “But you don’t know….” You’re right and it’s better that only you and God know but as He knows already, there’s not much point in pretending it didn’t happen. When we come out with those words, we are suggesting no one else is like us and what we did was too bad for God to forgive. No, he forgave Peter and sent him to lead his church. He forgave Moses and sent him to save His people. Jesus died for whatever the sin is, and nothing is too bad. Us failures have got to stick together! I can talk about mine now because a) I know I am loved, b) I know Jesus has forgiven and cleansed me and c) I know we’re all like this and he still loves us

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