2. Too marvelous a God

‘Hidden Hand’ Meditations No.2: Too marvelous a God

Job 37:5 God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.”

The above verse occurs in the sixth of six chapters in Job spoken by a young man, Elihu, and in it he extols the Lord’s greatness as seen in His works of Creation. Now there are sometimes some dubious things said by Job’s three friends in that book, but this happens to be a truth that is seen in other places in Scripture as well. God speaks and marvellous things happen, is what Elihu is saying here. Of course, right at the beginning of the Bible we find, God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”  Theologians call this creation by fiat, creation by decree; God says it and it is done. Now materialistic atheists object to the suggestion of God creating this world because it challenges their intellect, they cannot understand how something came from nothing (Heb 11:3) – which is why they are struggling with the Big Bang Theory, or rather what happened a split second before it, because logic says it is impossible to get ‘something’ from ‘absolutely nothing’, it defies our very understanding of words. It’s also the reason they HAVE to opt for the theory of evolution to try to explain how we came to exist, because without it we’re… well, back to God!

So when Elihu says, “he does great things beyond our understanding,” he’s just speaking a fundamental truth. Now why am I saying all this? I am saying this because you and I need to recognize that, frankly, our minds are not big enough to see God’s hand at work all around us. Look, I believe God sees every single person on this planet at the same moment and not only sees what they are thinking this moment, but also every thought they have ever had but also every thought they ever will have. Getting a bigger picture yet? He also sees and knows every living creature on the earth, whether they be deep in a jungle in undergrowth never seen my man, or deep in the deepest trenches of the oceans. He sees every star, every planet, every universe, and knows everything there is to be known about all this. THEREFORE, I would suggest, it is no big problem for God to be working in each of our life situations without invading our privacy or our free will, so He doesn’t ‘upset’ us or disturb us – but He is doing it and just because He does great things beyond our understanding, the fact that we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Scripture says it is and once we get hold of this, I have to warn you it is going to blow our minds away as we try to wrestle with the implications of it. Get ready to have your mind turned over as we try to grasp something of this wonder. You are about to see God in a newer, bigger way than perhaps you have ever done before!

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