Review the Revelation

REVELATION OF GOD Meditations No.8 of 10

Let’s pick out those points again that have come as gradual revelation, and put them all together:

1. God sees and knows and understands everything there is to know about us.
2. He has a purpose for the earth which stretches far into the future.
3. He persists with our slowness.
4. He can intervene in His world and bring changes.
5. God knows the future and acts into it.

6. God knows what He can do with us.

7. God works in and through and around us as He works for His end goal for the good of mankind.
8. He is all powerful and can act into His world and change it with what we call acts of nature.
9. Where He brings pressure to bear on individuals, He always gives a warning and options first.
10. The intention is of bringing such people through to a place of agreeing with Him for their good.
11. When all else fails, God will sometimes take that person or people off the planet.

12. God does not delight in death but wants people to repent and live.
13. God knows best how we ‘work’.
14. Any laws He gave
Israel could perhaps be seen as His ‘design rules’ for living.
15. God knows we are weak and will fail.
16. He provides for a way for our guilt to be taken through the sacrificial law.
17. He is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin.

Review No.1

Because it is easy to lose sight of what we have covered, we might consider the meditations provided so far, as follows:   
Part 1: Introducing the Gospels     

Jesus, the Word

Jn 1:1,14

Want to find out about God? Jesus is God’s communication of Himself to us
Many Gospel Writers

Lk 1:1

Want to see the many facets of Jesus? See how Luke was one of a number who wrote about Jesus
Introducing John

Jn 20:30,31

Want to understand the meaning behind what happened? See why John is so different from the other Gospels
An Orderly Account    

Lk 1:1-4

Want to be sure about the Gospels? See how Luke went about writing his Gospel

Part 2: The events leading up to the birth of Jesus

Introducing Zechariah         Lk 1:5-7   Want to know what happened? The Bible is all about people. Zechariah is the first one in Luke’s account to encounter God
The Flow of History                 Matt 1:1     Want to understand this story in context? The Bible is history, so see it in the flow of history
Expectancy Lk 1:8-11     Struggling with not knowing what is coming? See Zechariah’s lack of expectation
When God Talks         Lk 1:12-14,18 Wonder why God speaks? See Him speak to Zechariah to involve him and give him and opportunity to respond in faith
God’s Training           Lk 1:19-20   Wonder about unbelief? Learn how God trains us as Zechariah is prompted to act to bring about the final blessing
Big Picture Needed        Lk 1:21-25   Struggling with unbelief? Understand the need to see the big picture and to see a possible end result – God’s blessing
Wrong Circumstances?          Lk 1:26-30   Think you’re too limited for God to act through you? Watch Mary’s response